Workshop Submission Guideline

WAYIGF 2019 Call for Workshop Proposals

WAYIGF Workshop proposals can be submitted via our online submission system within the deadline. An automatic confirmation email will be sent to the registered email with a special workshop ID. Organizers are allowed to edit their proposals before the submission deadline.

Interested workshop organizers should review the below evaluation criteria and the various session formats carefully before submitting a proposal.

Theme & Sub-themes
Overarching Theme: Shaping the Next Generation of Internet Users
  1. Infrastructure and technical issues 
  2. Security and Regulation 
  3. Privacy and data protection online
  4. Digitalization
  5. Digital economy and innovation 
  6. Legal aspects

Session Formats

Below are some of the examples of possible sessions, workshop organizers are welcome to suggest new ideas.

  1. Roundtable (60/90 mins) – Interactive dialogue with all participants with designated moderators and not more than 2 speakers.
  2. Workshop (60/90 mins) – A more hands-on oriented session with small break out groups. e.g. role-play discussion, fishbowl discussion
  3. Tutorials (60 mins) – A capacity building or peer-learning session on specific issues for newcomers or general participants. The format of delivery shall be clearly described in the proposal.
  4. Open Forum (30/45/60 mins) – A space for any organizations to showcase their recent Internet governance activities, research findings or any new initiatives to seek engagement or collaboration within the Asia Pacific Community.
  5. Fireside Chat (30/45/60 mins) – Share your experiences and ideas, and invite reflection or feedback
  6. Bird of Feather (BoF) (30/45/60 mins) – An informal discussion session designed to connect the participants of shared topic of interests without a pre-planned agenda
  7. Hackathon (Flexible) – Meet-up for collectively & collaboratively improving software or hardwares
  8. Panel (60/90 mins) – Presentation and viewpoints sharing by speakers on a particular topic. The number of speakers on the panel shall not be more than 6 to allow sufficient time for interaction with the floor.
  9. Other –  You can also create your own formats, as long as they fit within the allocated times and spaces.

Program Timeline

Deadline of Workshop Proposals Submission: 14 June 2019, 24:00 UTC (Fri)

The Program Committee 2019 within the Multi-Stakeholder Steering Group (MSG) is responsible for evaluating all the workshop proposals received. A preliminary list of selected workshop proposals will be announced in late June ( 29th June 2019) by which workshop organizers are expected to finalize their speakers or coordinate on a merger session (if required) before 1st week of July. The draft program agenda will be published by early July.


Criteria for Workshop Evaluations

  1. Relevance
  2. Detailedness & Clarity
  3. Inclusion and Diversity
  4.  Engagement


Proposers are strongly advised to pay particular attention to ensuring diversity of viewpoint, supported by gender, region, stakeholder group, and inclusion of youth and persons from under-represented or marginalized groups, within their organizing teams as well as listed speakers, as these will be reviewed against the key diversity measure. Proposers are further advised that they should list a minimum of three provisionally confirmed speakers and limit their number of speakers to no more than five wherever possible, so as to ensure space in their session for participant engagement. While the latter is not a disqualifying criterion, excessive numbers of speakers will result in lower support for the proposal.

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