WAYIGF is building regional and global capacity of youths in West Africa through capacity building in Internet Governance. .

Address: Ecowas, Nigeria
Email: info@wayigf.org

West Africa IGF 2020 Summit

  • By Joshua Josh
  • February 26, 2020

The West Africa Youth Internet Governance (WAYIGF) is a sub-regional initiative under the United Nations Internet Governance Forum. It exists first and foremost to provide a platform for youth in West Africa to contribute to discussions on Internet-related issues from where it affects them the most as young people. 

To enable this, the initiative engages in capacity building activities to offer youth the opportunity to learn, be informed and better equipped to contribute meaningfully to such discussions.

While youth are the largest demographic group on the Internet, they are still underrepresented at the Internet Governance Forum. We believe that young people have a high knowledge of the digital world they interact with daily and therefore deserve to play a stronger role in decision making, and policy processes regarding the Internet.

This year the WAYIGF will be hosted in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  50+ young people from all over West Africa will gather for the 1-day Summit on July 22, 2020, to discuss key topics on Internet governance and policy, network with experts, and draft the 2020 Youth Messages. These messages are policy recommendations and will be presented at WAIGF, and the Africa Internet Governance Forum.


If you are interested in Internet policies, want to contribute to trending topics in media, innovation, cybersecurity, human rights, literacy and more, apply to participate!

Eligibility criteria:

  • between 18-30 years old;
  • residing in a West Africa Country 
  • participate in preliminary webinars (dates TBA)
  • Show interest in Internet governance, and motivation to actively participate in WAYIGF


We are also working with our partners to be able to sponsor some selected youths for the summit to be eligible for the sponsorship you need to be willing to 

  • participate in preliminary webinars before the summit
  • Submit a one-page report after the summit
  • Continue with work in the Internet Governance space after the summit


The WAYIGF  Sponsorship may cover:

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner during WAYIGF (22 – 24 July, 2020)
  • Travel costs (No local transportation)
  • Housing  ( shared accommodation )


Do seize this opportunity to register and contribute your voice to shaping your dream Internet.